Mission & Philosophy


Our mission is based on our sincere desire to provide our clients with the very best service possible --- no matter what the project size, scope or budget.


All of our designs are the product of a thorough process.  This process begins with the initial client contact during which we listen carefully to determine our client’s goals, which is our primary concern.
Our work begins with careful and respectful interpretation of the project site in which we inventory and analyze a site’s opportunities and constraints.  It is at this juncture we begin developing our design concept.  This design concept is a creative response to a site’s inherent character and context.

We firmly believe that every successful design has a concept.  A concept is the common thread that holds all the components of the design together and when derived from interpretation of the site’s character and context, the design can thus be woven into its context. 
The concept is achieved in the articulation of the design using different art elements such as: line, balance, rhythm, harmony, color, texture, scale which are manifested in the shapes and materials that are used.

All of our designs are thoroughly thought out, with careful consideration given to views, placement, circulation, materials, drainage, maintenance, longevity, environmental impact and usage of spaces during the day, night and through all the seasons.  In addition, our designs are meticulously detailed to ensure that the project will be executed to the highest of standards.
We believe in following a project through its implementation.  We work hand in hand with contractors and artisans during construction acting as agents for our clients to guarantee that the implementation meets or exceeds the standards we have meticulously set in our construction documents.
Beautiful plans can be drawn, but this is just a start.  The real test of a plan is how well it can be implemented.  There is no greater pleasure for a landscape architect than to see a plan brought to fruition and witness its use and enjoyment. 

The bottom line is this - we love our work.  We believe that this attitude and energy is transferred into our designs --- creating spaces that nourish the soul.